Be The Leader You Aspire To Be

Reveal unknown obstacles and behaviors that impede your growth and prevent desired results.

Donna Karaba will help you:

  • Crystallize Your Vision
  • Compel You to Reach Your Goals
  • Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs and Through Fear
  • Deepen Your Presence

Coaching Objectives:

  • Expose Limiting Beliefs and Counterproductive Behaviors
  • Clarify Results You Want
  • Utilize Your Strengths for Greater Success
  • Create an Action Plan and Think Big
  • Discover Your Passion and Purpose
  • Create or Refine Your Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Connect Your Values and Actions
  • Achieve Outcomes You Desire
  • Acknowledge Your Success
  • Reveal New Perspectives and Possibilities
  • Make Conscious Choices and Respond vs. React
  • Enhance Your Sense of Wholeness and Balance
  • Stay Focused for Results
  • Experience Authenticity, Joy, and Meaning

Donna Karaba’s Process:

  • Meet with Client to Establish Goals and Coaching Structure
  • Interview Key Stakeholders for 360 Degree Feedback
  • Ask Powerful Questions By Listening and Gaining Insights
  • Listen to Client’s Inner Wisdom To Forward Action
  • Gain Commitment, Set Clear Goals, and Deepen Learning
  • Provide Accountability for Client’s Key Focus Areas
  • Establish Safe Space For Open Dialogue
  • Facilitate Behavior Change and Personal Transformation
  • A Commitment to Work Together to Ensure Results
  • Coaching to Your Agenda
  • 360 Degree Feedback and Feedforward Process
  • Spotlight on Key Focus Areas
  • Powerful Listening, Questions, Dialogue
  • Assignments for Learning and Action
  • Accountability to Achieve Desired Results


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Fixed mom photo