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What Clients Say

Taking Charge of Life…

“I made the right choice in deciding to take charge of my life and in working with Donna as my coach. She asks the right questions and is perceptive to the ways I answer them. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and an encouragement to me. She is flexible as my priorities and plans change and is committed to my success. Donna’s focus and clarity helps me practice the focus and seek the clarity which I want in my own life.”


- Greg Shubert, Colorado

No Longer Hiding…

“Donna really held me to my word, pushed me and didn’t let me make excuses. She was also really invested in helping me reach my goals, dreams and true self. I began to follow the dreams that I was hiding from and find the answers that I already had inside me to life’s most important questions…the feedback has been amazing….My experience was excellent and I highly recommend Donna.”


- Christine Aguilar, Colorado

Team Bonds…

“Donna was brilliant in finding new ways for the team to bond and for the group to unite. In just a week after the session, I can already sense a tighter connection between the members.”


- Jon Kroll, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Hearing the Truth…

“What impresses me most about Donna is her ability to cut through my vagueness and excuses! She gave me the kick I needed. My business is on a roll and I feel great. It is profoundly gratifying to know I have a coach who tells me the truth. With Donna, I get the big-picture view without the assumptions and expectations that come along with others who are too attached to the outcome. Donna is my reality check and my biggest supporter. Thanks Donna!”


- Alina Lord, Los Angeles

Discovering Intrinsic Motivation…

Brenda Cavanaugh, SunVIP, Sun Microsystems

Donna’s consistent professionalism let me know I would be ‘safe’ in talking with her. I have to say she surprised me. Her ability to pick out key motivators and stumbling blocks for me in such a short time was impressive; she has strong listening skills.

- Brenda Cavanaugh, SunVIP, Sun Microsystems, Broomfield, Colorado

Navigating Executive Boardrooms Amidst a Cultural Shift

“Donna Karaba is a leadership coach like no other. It wasn’t until I met Donna that I understood how to become an authentic leader, to find your core values and apply those values every day at work – how to stay true to hourself and be the person you want to be. What Donna taught me was to slow down, be mindful, and patient.”

– Stephanie McCorkle, Corporate Communications Executive, California ISO



Donna Karaba, MA, Founder and CEO, has inspired authentic leadership since 2003, coaching leaders from non-profits and multibillion-dollar C-suites. Clients are challenged to clarify their vision and take action. Utilizing key-stakeholder desired results, Donna designs and delivers a custom program to self-actualize leaders and organizations. 360-degree feedback informs clients’ next level of success. Clear, consistent action toward desired outcomes propels lasting personal, professional and organizational transformation. Clients achieve goals with greater speed and effectiveness.

Professional Background

Donna Karaba combines Fortune 500 worldwide headquarter senior management experience with graduate work in transpersonal psychology and professional coaching.

Donna’s gift is to draw out clients’ wisdom, stoke the fire within, and challenge leaders to recognize their true nature and lead at a higher level. Having worked for IBM, Applied Materials, and Sun Microsystems, Donna understands the unique set of needs leaders have.


Donna Karaba, founder of Karaba Consulting, shares her compelling journey to becoming a successful executive coach in her book Passion Purpose Profit.

Professional Education and Affiliations

Donna Karaba earned her master’s degree in transpersonal psychology from Naropa University, Boulder, CO.

Donna is certified to deliver executive 360-degree feedback:

  • Executive Dimensions®, The Center for Creative Leadership
  • Benchmarks® 360 Assessment, The Center for Creative Leadership
  • Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), The Hay Group
  • Qualitative Executive 360 Degree Feedback, Karaba Consulting
  • Donna is currently studying for her black belt in Nia