Coaching Services


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1:1 Executive Coaching:

“The mind, in its larger sense, is both aware of, and creates, the new reality” – Carl Rogers

  • Imagine, explore, plan and create
  • Relish a fresh objective perspective from someone outside your life and organization that genuinely cares about your success and holds your agenda as the highest priority.
  • Gain increased clarity and focus to obtain optimal results.
  • You are provided structure and accountability to achieve your highest goals

Click here to book an appointment with me so I can help you realize your goals!

Executive 360 Assessments:

Karaba Consulting 360 Degree Assessment

A qualitative tool that includes interview questions to draw out stories from the leader’s pool of participants.

Executive Dimensions®

  • 360 assessment tool specifically designed to address leadership issues facing presidents, CEOs and senior level executives
  • Normative data provided by other top executives
  • Provides insight into strengths and opportunities for development
  • Feedback covers three main areas “Leading the Business”, “Leading Others” & “Leading by Personal Example”
  • Certified through The Center for Creative Leadership

Emotional Competency Inventory®

  • 360 assessment tool based on the seminal work of Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis
  • Measures one’s own perceptions and that of others in regard to the capacity to recognize feelings, manage emotions, empathize, and motivate
  • Studies attribute 90% of leadership effectiveness to developable EI competencies
  • Accredited by The Hay Group

Executive Succession Planning:

  • Provide a safe and objective sounding board for CEO decision making
  • Help clarify strategic plans, future visions, and identification of key players within the organization who will carry on the company legacy
  • Facilitate executive team in creating a strategic plan for carrying on the mission and vision of the founder(s)
  • Nurture rising stars to maintain the integrity of the CEOs vision/mission/values while cultivating one’s own authentic leadership style
  • Results: New leaders demonstrate their ability to broaden the vision and inspire current and future generations similarly to their founder(s).

Click here to book an appointment with me so I can help you realize your goals!