What box are you living in?

What box are you living in and who defines it? For today, do something that challenges your old of way of thinking.

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In your leadership role who do you think others expect you to be? And now try being who want to be. Many titles come with roles and expectations. What if you could just be you?

Are you expected to be the wise one with all the answers? Actually you don’t have to have all the answers. And your employees can create answers for themselves.

Let’s do a quick exercise!
Take an empty sheet of paper (just like in the video) and make 2 columns:

  1. others’ expectations of my role
  2. who I aspire to be

Jot down qualities of a leader in each column. And now practice those characteristics from column 2. 

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Would you rather not know what your limitations are and how they control your life or would you like to explore them and have a conscious choice?

Happy Friday!

Remembering freedom

Consider a time in your life when you felt completely free. What was the context, the environment, the sounds, the smells… what was the texture of the moment? Can you take yourself there now? Visualize that moment and feel that feeling of freedom. And know that you can go there any time.