Meet Donna

Vision: A world of happy people full of purpose and passion serving others authentically.

Mission: Provide coaching, leadership, and clarity to transformational leaders who wish to experience their optimal life so that others may do the same.

Professional Background

I have 20 years experience working with and within major Fortune 500s including IBM, Applied Materials, Intel Corporation, Gateway, and Sun Microsystems serving as a senior worldwide business development manager and as worldwide sales manager. I have been professionally coaching executive leaders in multibillion dollar businesses to sole propritors and non-profit since 2003.

Professional Education and Affiliation

Seeking work I was called to do, I completed a professional coaching program with the Coaches Training Institute based in San Rafael, CA and earned a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology from Naropa University, Boulder, CO. Highlights of my educational experience include interacting with extraordinary faculty and students, a profound year of meditation training, a Vision Fast in the Wyoming desert, a year long service learning project coaching Miami University’s LeaderShape students, and completing Naropa University’s Authentic Leadership Program. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation.

Combining Business, Psychology and Coaching to Support Authentic Leaders

I combine my Fortune 500 worldwide executive experience with graduate work in psychology and professional coaching. I am experienced with the unique set of needs that individuals have at the top of the pyramid. My gift is in drawing out the wisdom of others, stoking the fire within, and challenging individuals to recognize their true nature. I am honored to assist in individual and organizational transformation.

Coaching Style

My approach to coaching is one of compassion and respect believing that we all are capable of achieving anything we can envision. I coach with curiosity and draw out the inner wisdom of my clients. I am bold in my approach and coach with a sense of humor. I listen actively and ask powerful questions. The coaching environment is loose enough to explore your wildest dreams and structured enough to uncover actions needed to fulfill specific goals.

I encourage my clients to align with their true nature. Accountability is important in this process because all too often, I find, we put ourselves last. Sharing your goals with a coach who is objective and outside the organization gives you the freedom necessary to explore and act without judgment and proceed with encouragement. In this safe space you can clearly see your vision and make it your reality.

Coaching is a wellness approach to life. As your coach I take a holistic view by first understanding your worldview, including your values, passions, and vision then together we determine the primary focus areas for our work together to create what you want personally, professionally, and organizationally. Life is a precious gift, leading is an honor. I challenge you to be your best!

My Story

I am a free spirit, entrepreneur and authentic leader. I enjoy life by creating my life purposefully. I have been fortunate to have loving and meaningful relationships. I understand tragedy and view it as a catalyst for personal growth.

An adventure on my own throughout Europe and into Africa, for almost six months in my 20s, exposed me to my own culture from afar, and to different cultures and perspectives. A vision fast in my 40s allowed me to experience trust in the universe, feel supported, interconnected, at peace, and inspired to do great work. With a soaring spirit, windhorse energy, and a clear purpose I happily put my heart and soul into my work.

As a mother I have sought balance in my career in order to be present for my sons. I am grateful to do work I love and to work with extraordinary individuals motivated to lead and live with passion and purpose.

Body/mind health and fitness are a large part of my daily practice, which includes meditation, a vegetarian diet, yoga, reading, writing, and either walking, running, biking, tennis, or swimming.

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